Plates Plates Plates

The plates finally arrived today and I decided to go ahead and pour 10 Malt agar and 10 Potato Sucrose just as a trial run. Now I’ve made a ton of plates in the lab before, but never in my kitchen. Everything went well except that for some reason the agar ended up too soft (used the usual 1.5g per 100mL ratio.) Regardless of it turning out the way it did I went ahead and streaked a couple cultures just to see if anything grows or not. One of them is the WY Berliner Blend and another one came from a bottle of a brew from a small Belgian brewery that produces very soft and bright fruit/cotton candy/bubblegum character without the sweetness. The agar scratched (stop hatin’!) but I’m optimistic about being able to pick out colonies. For the next batch I’ll bump up the agar concentration and get a decent blow torch to get rid of bubbles, which weren’t a problem today, but it never hurts to be prepared. Btw I have 500 more plates so plenty of opportunities to try out different things 🙂

You can't do any homebrew science without some homebrew, right? This is my lemongrass and spearmint braggot. After cold conditioning for a couple weeks it cleared up and mellowed out very nicely. Tasty stuff!

Talk about flash reflection!

You can see the scratches very well in this shot. Pity... I'll have to repeat this whole thing with normal density agar anyway.


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