Hood Completion

It looks like my homemade hood is complete! I decided to go with the velcro route rather than using screws or piano hinges because that simplifies the design and allows for the screen height adjustment such as raising it to block the top opening when not in use. Also when not in use there is another piece of plexiglass attaching to the bottom to keep it closed, though not completely. The light is just an aquarium light I had lying around. UPS truck came by today with the rest of the lab supplies, but no one was home so I don’t have them… Maybe tomorrow I’ll get lucky, but I doubt it. Ahhh the joys of postal service. Anyway, here is the picture. Tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Hood Completion

  1. I like! You’re really getting into sterile technique at home which is pretty impressive. Some questions though.

    How are you going to maintain a sterile environment? I didn’t see it in the pic, but do you have a flame to maintain a sterile zone? Also, does the hood have laminar airflow?

    One thing you might want to consider getting is a UV light to sterilize before and after you work.

    Looks awesome though.



    • I thought about a UV lamp but it’ll destroy the plexiglass. If this was glass or fiberglass, there would have been no problem, but UV will break down the plexiglass causing it to turn into something resembling a broken windshield in a car. At least that’s the experience I have had with using UV sterilization in hoods with such screens. I’ll just go with the “alcohol the hell out of everything” technique that never led me astray before. Besides if I lived alone, I may have tried something, but I don’t want people to, God forbid, accidentally damage their eyes or whatnot.

      The flame to maintain a sterile zone comes from 2 alcohol lamps that are not shown on the picture because they only just arrived about 2 hours ago. Judging by the heat felt by the hand, the two of them should be able to keep the whole thing sterile. The tiny orange blow torch was used for this purpose when inoculating the tubes. I thought of using a vacuum blowoff to turn it into a ghetto bio safety cabinet, but decided against it due to insane noise and air filtration problems. So no, no laminar airflow because I just can’t do it 😦 . Instead I try to keep the hood closed off when not in use by moving the screen up and closing the bottom. When in use, I move it down and fire up the lamps to let the hot air escape rather than convect around the hood.

      If you have suggestions, by all means please voice them.

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