More Plates

I finally started keeping a notebook and it is very helpful in keeping the thoughts together and not forgetting stuff.

Anyway, after more plating and isolating here is what I got:

No problem in isolating the yeast from the bottle dregs I referred to previously.

Straight WY Berliner Blend Plates: Number of colonies growing. Colonies seen are white and smooth, beige with rough center, and one yellow colony there as well. My guess is that the white ones are Saccharomyces, beige are Brettanomyces, and yellow is Pediococcus. This is strange since the blend is supposed to have Lactobacillus, which is probably there but it’s hard to tell apart from the yeast yet as they should be white colonies that later develop bluish centers. As far as I know Pediococcus is the one growing in yellow colonies. I inoculated some tubes with different colonies.

Brettanomyces Isolate: streaked from a single beige colony on blend plate. Most of the colonies on the plate are white and medium sized (~3mm). Large, ~10mm beige colonies with 2 morphologies seen – completely smooth, and rough in the center. Inoculated tubes with each.

Saccharomyces Isolate: All white colonies. Pretty much looks like yeast always look. Inoculated a sample.

“Lacto Isolate”: streaked from a single small colony that I thought may be Lactobacillus. Interesting results. Most colonies are white and look like Saccharomyces. One yellow colony, one pink colony, and one beige colony seen on the same plate. No idea what they are just yet. Inoculated some tubes.

Once the cultures grow I’ll take samples and look under the microscope. Right now I’m sure that white and beige are Sacch and Brett respectively, but it’s interesting to see the difference between the rough vs smooth Brett as well as what the yellow and pink colonies are. Friday sounds like a good day to try doing that.

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