‘t Gaverhopke Kerstbier

Alright. Had my eye out for that beer for two years now and finally got my hands on it. I don’t do beer reviews in general because I’m not a beer judge or anything, but this was such a let down that I feel like I must. I don’t mean to offend anyone or if you’ve had different experiences with it – good for you, maybe it’s just me. So, here is my critique.

Appearance: Clear orange-red. No head, just a thin ring. Bubbles coming up. No lacing or feet. TON of sediment in the bottle ~ 4-5mm

Aroma: Sweet grain, spicy yeast, a little damp. Yeast dominates. As it warms up some gold fruits show up. Sugar.

Taste: First sweet malt, then minerally, then yeast, then golden fruit with minerally taste (like mineral water with fruit syrup), a little damp… then slight warming after it goes down.  No alcohol. Sugar. Dry finish. Long lasting with golden fruits and minerally.

Body: light, decent carbonation. Dry.

Overall: Unimpressive and seems more like an illegitimate child between a saison and a dark strong that resulted in some half baked mutant that’s neither here nor there. Basically just a beer with nothing interesting or special about it and can be easily beaten by just about every homebrew I ever tasted both mine and other peoples’.

Sorry for the rant, but for a Belgian lover this beer is like a slap in the face.

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