Homebrewers Meetup at Beer Table

It’s that time again! As you all know (as long as you’re in Brooklyn, I guess) the cool people at Beer Table have been hosting homebrewers meetups on last Monday of every month for the last couple of years. It’s the only brewer meetings I attend because it’s just the most convenient time and location for me, even though there are plenty of others around the town. I remember back in the day there used to be like 20 people, but it’s been rather scarce the last few times I came. So come on! Don’t be shy! Let’s taste and talk about our brews!

One thought on “Homebrewers Meetup at Beer Table

  1. It was good to see noticeably more people this time around! Many interesting brews!
    And I got some dregs from a beer fermented with recultured Fantome dregs with some Brett and an interesting Lactobacillus strain (thank you Bill!). Hope something interesting comes out of those 🙂

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