Free Brettanomyces!

Well my fellow homebrewers, I need to ask you for help! As I will be moving in a few weeks I simply do not have the time needed to ferment with the Cantillon Yeasts that I isolated to test how they perform. So I need a few brave volunteers to help me out with this task. Over the next 2-3 weeks I’ll be bringing vials of these yeasts to Brooklyn Homebrew for people to pick up and play with. Since I have no idea how these bugs are, I would suggest fermenting a small batch first just to see how they do in case they’re no good so that you’d not have to throw out a batch of your brew. The conditions are as follows: I don’t know how your beer will turn out. Use at your own risk. If your beer turns out horrible and poisonous, don’t blame me and I hold no responsibility. In any case, I would really like if you’d come back here and leave your feedback (or give it in person) with info like what style beer it was, did you ferment straight or mixed with another culture, how long you fermented for, and your overall impressions of that yeast. Pictures are welcome. Even better if you save a bottle for me to try 🙂

Right now what can tell you based on fermenting 5mL samples is this: All 3 strains form pellicles. C1 is funkier than C2 and C3 which smell kind of fruity, like tart apples maybe, with some earthiness but also have the funk. C3 takes longer to form a pellicle, but when it does, it’s very thick and tough. I was literally able to fold it in half with a loop when taking samples for streaking.

I will also bring vials of the Brettanomyces isolated from WYeast Berliner blend in case anyone wants to try and replicate that blend for themselves, though you’d also need the Lactobacillus, which I have, but not working with it currently. In fact I got several strains of Lactobacillus in the fridge and perhaps eventually will give out those as well.

The first strains will be C1 and the WY Berliner Blend Brett, which I’ll bring over this Sunday, May 27, 2012 around 12-1pm. From fermenting the starters I can tell you that the WY strain grows slower, but ferments with a lot more foam. C1 forms pellicle quickly and grows faster. Both of them have the traditional Brett smell, and both are somewhat fruity. WY strain has a sharper smell and taste. The starters were tart in both cases, but since they were constantly aerated for almost a week they all tasted oxidized and just bleh.

For those of your outside NYC (a few people have asked me about it already), yes, I can ship them to you, but give me a little time. Let me know how much and of what you want and I’ll save the vials for you. Once I collect all 4 (or possibly 6 strains) I’ll send them out.

Cheers! Enjoy! And let me know how these yeasts work for you!


Sorry for the crap picture quality. I think I’ll just use my old point-and-shoot camera from now on and just put it next to the objective. Gave me WAY better pictures before.

19 thoughts on “Free Brettanomyces!

  1. DIma, I can pick up tomorrow whatever you think is pitchable 🙂
    I can test it and my brother too , Also I have couple home brewers in my company
    who may be interested so I will bring cooler and ice pack to conserve them

    • Sure, no problem. Just as long as you can get them. I’ll drop them off around 12-1, I hope.
      Vial of WY has about 30 billion cells. Vial of C1 has around 80 billion cells (they are smaller than the WY cells and I’ve noticed that consistently), but to be conservative I wrote 60 billion 🙂

  2. I’m not sure if I missed this window, but I would be interested in doing some test batches with these vials, if possible. They would need to be mailed.

    • No you’re not too late. I’ll probably have the next batch ready to go by next weekend and after that will raise the cultures to be mailed out. Been kind of extremely busy lately…

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