Winter Gruit Tasting


The moving is pretty much over with. The new lab is set up and working *hint-hint*. And I have not brewed anything since around April. So in order to not die of thirst, I decided to drink the Winter Gruit and a Porter I had sitting around. It should be noted that I did not add Brettanomyces to the Gruit as originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances, but it turned out fine nonetheless.

Appearance: Dark reddish amber and crystal clear. Thin head recedes quickly and is gone completely within a minute or two.


Aroma: Musty juniper greens and wood. Sweet. Earthy and herbal.


Mouthfeel: Light, thin, slightly prickly. Medium-high carbonation.


Taste: Malt quickly fades to give way to juniper wood. Seems very sweet despite finishing at 1.002. Farmhouse character. The sweetness goes away quickly giving way to slight tartness and dry, mouthwatering finish. Finish is surprisingly long and tart for such a seemingly thin beer. Very refreshing.


Overall: I’m glad I decided to drink it now rather than wait until the winter because this is in no way a winter brew. It’s perfect for this weather. Light, refreshing, prickly, playful. Took a little to get used to it, as is the case with all hopless beers, but once I did, it’s really rather nice.


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