Free Brettanomyces Part 2.1

OK guys I’m pouring the Brett cultures into the tubes right now and they’ll be at Brooklyn Homebrew around 12-1 tomorrow.

A couple last minute observations:

C3 flocculates really well while C2 is slower in that respect.

With more time C2 also takes some vinous characteristics.

With more time C3 also takes some fruity characteristics.

Hope you enjoy these yeast and please let me know what you think of them.


4 thoughts on “Free Brettanomyces Part 2.1

  1. bkyeast, I’ve loved your blog for a while now, read everything. It’s awesome! I live about two, two and a half hours away from Brooklyn, so it’s really not possible for me to get them, but I love experimenting with bretts and have started some of my own blends after your reading your blog. Anyway I could pay for shipping a tiny vial to me, and I’d love to grow up C3 if you had any left! Please let me know!

      • Sure. That won’t be a problem. I’m actually raising the starters right now, but they are going slow. The original aim was to start sending them off around this weekend, but now it looks like it’ll be the next one due to them being so slow. Anyway, when they are ready to go I’ll make a post about, how many of each I have, and shipping/trading arrangements.

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