Unexpected Joy

So these last couple of days I’ve been going through the junk that’s been destroyed in the basement and throwing everything out. All my beers and mead drowned in the flood there and, as I mentioned previously, just got dirty, but survived otherwise. Among the disaster something very pleasant appeared. That something was a whole box of a dubbel I made over two years ago and thought was gone completely. Don’t know where it was hidden, but it got uncovered by the water. This was one of the last beers I entered into a competition and it did reasonably well (34 I think). I’ve thrown out all the score sheets because they’re all trash and never offer anything constructive even if they are “perfect example of the style” and “no aroma or flavor flaws”, which is why I don’t enter competitions anymore. For example one of the judges based his entire scoring on the Brett character in that dubbel. Only problem is that there was no Brett in it whatsoever and I didn’t even have any Brett in my yeast collection back then. Just a waste of good beer. In any case I put the bottles into the fridge and decided to pop one as I was reading through some stuff for an upcoming post that was a lot of work and I think you all will enjoy. Another thing that makes this brew so special to me is that the original recipe is lost for ever. It was on my hard drive when it crashed in December 2010 and was never recovered. Funny how I remember every recipe lost in that crash (including a very special Trippel that might pop up sometime in a certain Wisconsin brewery 🙂 ), but not this one… Alas! Hope you guys enjoy this little tasting with me.

Bottles of the Witch Poison Gruit. Labels got completely washed off.


Managed to get some Troubadours into plastic crates

Some more Berliners

Surviving Berliners

What wouldn’t a homebrewer dig through to get to his beer…

Appearance: Deep dark red. Clear, but really dark so you can’t really see through it. Lots of bubbles coming up. Thick, dense head that last a few minutes and falls back to around 1/4 inch and stays like that.

Smell: Strong smell. Can feel it as soon as you open the bottle. Sweet, malty, bready, rum notes, sweet alcoholic notes, dark stone fruits, plums, D-2 candi syrup, beautiful Belgian yeast notes.

Taste: Mmmmmm! Mmmm! Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Oh how I missed this beer! Taste is very similar to smell, but amplified. Bready malt, stone fruits, sugar, yeast. Bread and yeast dominate this one. Some very nice alcohol touch adding spiciness to the picture as well as light warming in your chest after a few sips. Dry finish. Really cool how it’s dry, but you still get that malty and sugary taste. Finish is not very long. Some oxidation is apparent in the very very end, but that’s not really surprising after years in the bottle.

Mouthfeel: Very light, almost soda-like. Medium-high carbonation keeps it tasting light and prevents from being heavy. Really easy drinking beer.

Overall: Not anything super incredible or anything. Just a decent dubbel that I thought was gone for ever so that makes it a little more special for me. This brew is something between Delirium Nocturnum and Ommegang’s Dubbel. Probably going to try to recreate it again. I remember the main grain was Munich and the yeast was from Unibroue…

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