Sending Out Cantillon Iris (2007) Brettanomyces C1

Hello, my yeast mates!

The time has come for another yeast mail out!

This time it’s the Cantillon Iris (2007) Brettanomyces C1 strain.

Some information about this strain:

Ferments relatively fast to around 1.010 after which it slows down to a crawl. In my experience it fermented from 1.052 to 1.001 in 3.5 months resulting in 97% attenuation. It forms a pellicle very quickly. Pellicle is bright white and thick with large bubbles, but after a while it thins out and becomes patchy. The smell and flavor profile based on my experience as well as of those who got it from the October 2012 yeast mail is that it’s a pleasant strain which can be used as the primary strain. One of the people took first place in a competition with a beer that was 100% C1 fermented.

My impressions were as follows: Incredibly sweet smelling, strong fruity smell with apples, pears, mangos, honeydew, lots of honey, elderflowers, just general non-specific flowers and fruits, wood, hay, Bretty funk. Easily one of the best smelling beers I’ve made. Very dry and lightly tart with a hint of lemon. Since Brett thins out the beer and makes hops stand out like mad I’ll have to wait a few more months for an official tasting until the 1oz Callypso bittering hops fade enough for a Saison to not taste like it’s 1000 IBUs.

Other people who tried it and got back to me reported it being generally fruity and lightly tart with mostly apples, pears, lemons, wood and Brett funk.

As before, should your beer turn out horrible or poisonous because of this strain it’s not my fault and you are using it at your own risk. Also by using this strain you agree to give me feedback about it and possibly even send me a bottle of the resulting beer.

There are 23 vials available with around 25 billion cells each. If you get a vial and plan to use it as the primary strain, make sure you pitch at least twice the amount of yeast that you would with normal brewer’s yeast.


Email me at if you’re interested in acquiring a vial. As before, it’s $10 for the shipping and all that other good stuff. If you have some cool and unique strains of yeast or some cool beers, feel free to let me know and we could work out a trade.



I will try to release a strain every month from now on so if you don’t get it this time there will be several other unique strains in the future.


5 thoughts on “Sending Out Cantillon Iris (2007) Brettanomyces C1

    • Sure. I’d suggest 100% Pils or 2-row, or alternatively whatever wheat/barley combination you want. No to very little dark malt as Brett makes it stand out very noticeably. A wheat beer or saison grain bill is good. No/very very little bittering hops with late additions of your favorite fruity/aromatic hops. Mash around 150 and ferment starting in high 60s for a week or so and let it go into mid 70s or higher (haven’t tried that) later. You can add fruit if you’d like. Be patient and let it sit in primary for at least a month. I let it go for 3.5 months in primary.

  1. Really cool! I would like to do something yeast give-aways as well but only very few other homebrewers use Brettanomyces over here. Therefore not much chance to get a lot of feedback about a single strain.
    The profile you describe for this particular strains sound pretty neat. I bottled a single B. claussenii (from WhiteLabs) IPA yesterday and the fruit aroma intensity was definitely something I have never ever encountered before. OG of 1.064 (including some oat flakes, wheat and rye malt in the grist to have some less fermentable sugars available, dry hopped with some Citra and Centennial) and finished at 1.005 within 14 days. Apparent attenuation level of 91% and 7.9 ABV. Brettanomyces are really fun to brew with!
    Cheers, Sam

    • I’m sure you could find a dozen interested people because I’ve had people from Europe asking if I could send them some. It’s really fun to share yeast like that (for most part). Try posting on your site asking if someone would be interested and see who replies.
      I keep wanting to do an all-Brett IPA, but just can never get around to it. Soon… Soon…

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