Sending Out Cantillon Iris (2007) Brettanomyces C3

Greetings, Yeast Mates!

The time for another Cantillon Iris C3 yeast release has come at last!

First, I’d like to apologize for such a delay in releasing it and feel like some explanation is owed. As you well know, I am working towards my PhD and time is not something I have a lot to spare. A couple weeks ago something magical happened – an experiment that I’ve been trying to get going since January suddenly started working (the secret was, as always, going with old school techniques that no one does anymore) and moreover, the results were interesting and as I predicted. Since then I’ve been very busy repeating the experiments and analyzing the resulting data. Since the procedure itself takes 4 days plus 5-7 or so days of analysis, you can guess that I don’t have very much spare time these days. Even the last Beer Science Literature Review post was done at a cost of staying up until 4am. I have had to work on weekends and this is the first one that I’m somewhat free so here is the next release of yeast!

C3 has been described as pineapple, bubblegum, woody funkiness, citrus and mango. Ferments dry as do the other Iris strains. Some people had no pellicle (like me) while others had massive pellicles so I guess it depends on your beer.

As always, use at your own risk and if the beer turns bad and/or poisonous, I have nothing to do with it. Email me at if you would like a vial. $10 for shipping etc.


If anyone wants to share the resulting beer, feel free to do so. So far only 2 people have done so and both beers were delicious. So don’t be shy!



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