My name is Dmitri and I’m just a guy who lives in Brooklyn, enjoys homebrewing and likes biology a little bit (Cell Bio PhD student working on retinal development). So what better way to combine these than to maintain a decent yeast ranch?! On this site I will share my brewing and yeast farming adventures. Everything I do is done at home with equipment that’s readily available either around the house or in online stores and everyone could afford. Perhaps other homebrewers would also be inspired and see that there is nothing difficult about working with yeast.

Hopefully you’ll like it! Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

I may be reached at bkyeast@gmail.com if needed.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, That’s fantastic you live in Brooklyn though :). I lived there for 15 years and now moved to SI but the rest of my family still there. Me ( and my brother) we do Home Brew and I was looking for good source of wild east ( like East Coast yeast have) but having trouble to buy them ( seasonal and expensive for my premature hobby *hoppy* 🙂 ) but if you like experiments and would like to share your knowledge and ( maybe some wild strains) I would love to chat and collaborate, Cheers Sergey ( sorry don’t see your name here so just put Hey as greetings)

    • Hey! My name is Dmitri.
      Sure, I’ll be making yeast blends and will need people to try them out pretty soon 🙂
      Feel free to ask if you have questions.

  2. Great to know you Dmitri :). My name is Sergey 🙂 and I guess we both Russian speaking…. If you have some time I have many questions to ask about wild brew and yeast and all other beer related things. Let me know if we can chat somewhere :)))

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