Sending Out Cantillon Iris (2007) Brettanomyces C2

My fellow yeast mates!
The time has come to send you Cantillon Iris (2007) Brettanomyces C2 isolate.
Let me give you a brief description of this strain based on my own impressions and the feedback I got from around a dozen people who got back to me.

My impressions for C2:
Finished at 1.001. As I opened the carboy, the smell of wild strawberries erupted and filled up quite a radius around it. Very delicate and pleasant. As the beer was agitated by racking into the bottling bucket, strawberries were replaced by the signature bittersweet herbal-woody funk that all of the Iris isolates have. After allowing the gravity sample to stand and breathe for a while, the funk was replaced by fruit and pineapple. Given more time to stand, the strawberries came back. The gravity sample was dry, lightly tart with the signature Iris isolate funk. After allowing it to stand, strawberries, pineapple, apricot and mango came into the flavor as the funk recedes. The beer is lightly hazy and much more transparent than C1 portion was at the time of bottling. Hop bitterness is also not as pronounced as it was in C1 portion. Official tasting will be done in a couple months because I want to taste all 3 strains side by side.

Impressions from other people:
It was described as strawberries, bubblegum, green apple, pear, apricot, peach, wet sock/good cheese and slight vinegar. Strawberry, peach, apricot and pineapple were the most common descriptions. Finishes dry. Seems to be a good strain to use with fruity hops. Check out Kyler’s post about a beer he made with C2/C3 mix and Meridian Hops (

As before, should your beer turn out horrible or poisonous because of this strain you agree that it’s not my fault and you are using it at your own risk. Also by using this strain you agree to give me feedback about it and possibly even send me a bottle of the resulting beer.

I don’t know exactly how many vials are available because I haven’t aliquoted the stock yet, but feel free to email me asking for it and I’ll try my best to accommodate as many people as I can. If you get a vial and plan to use it as the primary strain, make sure you pitch at least twice the amount of yeast that you would with normal brewer’s yeast.


Email me at if you’re interested in acquiring a vial. As before, it’s $10 for the shipping and all that other good stuff. If you have some cool and unique strains of yeast or some cool beers, feel free to let me know and we could work out a trade.


Message for brewers in NYC or very close to it, i.e. Anthony, Simon, William, Aaron, Derek etc. Email me too and let’s arrange a meetup where we could taste some homebrew and swap yeast.

10 thoughts on “Sending Out Cantillon Iris (2007) Brettanomyces C2

  1. Yo dude,

    I am in the planning stages for the Brooklyn Brewsers NHC beers and I was wondering what Brett strains you might have available? Is there a possibility of you growing up a pitchable amount of two strains for a split batch to be served at the Brewsers NHC booth? I think it would be a cool experiment/beer to serve in Philly. Let me know what you think.

    • Are you looking for commercially available strains or the truly wild strains like the ones from Cantillon and barrel/fruit resident from Cascade Barrel House?
      I have a ton of mixed cultures right now from other Cantillons as well as spontaneous beers that people from all over the country sent me, which I didn’t have the time to isolate yet, but of the pure and truly wild Bretts I have the 3 Iris and 1 Cascade at this time.
      The Cascade one is yet untested in pure fermentation and NHC is probably not the best place for such an experiment. As for the Iris C’s, I could raise whichever ones you’d like. Just let me know by when you need them and which strains.

      • I would be looking for pure Brett strains to do a 100% primary fermentation (in order around by the end of June). I would want it to be something you personally cultured since we’re going to be representing Brooklyn, so one of the Iris Cs would probably work best. Maybe we’ll do one primary Brett and then a neutral ale strain as a control.

      • Alright. Which one would you like? And do you want only one?
        C1: generally fruity and lightly tart with mostly apples, pears, lemons, wood, honey, flowers and Brett funk.
        C2: strawberries, bubblegum, green apple, pear, apricot, peach, stone fruit, wet sock/good cheese and slight vinegar. Strawberry, peach, apricot and pineapple
        C3: fruit, pineapple, mango, more funk on the palette than C2.

      • Whichever one you are most interested in getting feedback about. Can you get a pitchable amount (~1.055/6 Gals) of any by May 19th?

    • I’ve never given away mixes, it’s just that some people decided to mix different strains and got nice results. I can do it, but right now I’m all out of c2. I hope to release c3 this weekend or next week.

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